We’re proud to share that our very own Sebastian Žužek recently had the privilege of participating in the 9th BIAT (Borsa dell’Innovazione e della Tecnologia – Innovation and Technology Exchange) event in Naples, Italy. This remarkable event took place at the University of Naples Federico II, Naples East Campus, where the prestigious Apple Developers Academy is also based.

The event, hosted by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), brought together delegations from all corners of the globe. Among them, the Slovenian delegation was represented by Mark Kalin, ABC Accelerator, Sebastian Žužek, META Circularity and Tomaž Vadjunec, Inkubator Sežana as (seen on the third picture from the left).

As always, the primary focus of the event revolved around innovation, startups, and cutting-edge technology. More than 120 inspiring projects were showcased during the event.

This year’s thematic areas spanned a diverse spectrum:

Technologies for Smart Cities
Green Economy
ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
Space Economy
Bio & Health Tech
Robotics & Automation

The event’s overarching goal was to introduce Italian startups and their groundbreaking innovations to the global stage. It aimed to foster international collaboration, facilitate commercial distribution agreements, attract investments, and share intellectual property and licensing opportunities.

META Circularity is excited to have participated in this dynamic event, contributing to the global conversation surrounding innovation and technology exchange. We look forward to more opportunities like these as we continue our journey toward a more circular and sustainable future.